In 1998 Lisa Towne moved to Castle Pines and was frustrated that she could not get a pizza delivered to her house. The day the sign went up for the Safeway shopping center at Castle Pines, Lisa signed the lease for Little Italy Pizzeria (the next day was Sept. 11 2001).


Construction began and the original Little Italy Pizzeria opened in January of 2002. Opening day they ran out of food by 7 pm although they had ordered enough product for three days at an average pizzeria.


Little Italy expanded their operations to catering and school lunches and found a larger location necessary.

Dining Room

2012 Little Italy moved to their current location, 556 Village Sq Lane, just one block from the old location. The name transitioned from Little Italy Pizzeria to MaMa Lisa’s Little Italy. The larger dining room is great for a relaxing dinner with family and friends or a team party or morning business meeting.


The menu has expanded to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Traditional pasta dinners, beer and wine have been added to the menu.

MaMa Lisa enjoys being involved in the community. To date MaMa Lisa has donated over $75,000.00 with of gift certificates to local schools and libraries to reward the local kids who excel academically with honor roll and reading programs.

Mama Lisa

Lisa and son Justis can usually be found at local city and community events.

Mama Lisa’s Family… A Real Photo History

Our mission is simple: To make people happy with food!


Our pizza is Chicago-style. You can choose how you like your pizza cut…. slices or squares!


Our dinners are Traditional Italian. Made fresh with ingredients your Mom would use.


We give to our community and appreciate our customers!